Grant Procedure

Organizations, which are exempt from taxation under Code 501(c)(3), may submit proposals in letter format to the appropriate address preferably by June 30th of the year in which the grant is desired. It is suggested that a brief proposal be originally submitted and, if the matter is one of interest to the trustees, a more detailed proposal may be required. Of particular importance are: the purpose of the grant, the tax-exempt status of the organization, the approximate yearly budget, and an idea of where the remainder of the funding will be obtained. Particularly useful is a list of the members of the governing body and staff. Please send two copies of each item.
High priority is given to requests for grants in Maricopa County, Arizona, Cook County Illinois, and Morris County, New Jersey, as well as to programs and activities of special interest to the trustees. However, grants to individuals, or to political campaigns will not be considered.

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